Evan is the best editor that I've worked with in my 20 year career in this industry. He has an innate sense of what it takes to make a story better or a message more effective. He's got an amazing eye for graphics as well. I frequently send him rough cuts just to get his opinion - even on projects that he isn't working on.  He's one of those special talents.

Mike Sita

Owner - DaVinci Productions

Evan Klein has a rare gift: creative intellect.  He cherishes the medium and is intently focused on the seamlessness of images and sounds.   Any editor can push buttons to make empty effects; Evan uses the keyboard as a launch pad for beautiful, inspired storytelling.

Rob Cohen

Director, Kinderblock 66

Over the many years that I've collaborated with Evan Klein, he has consistently and flawlessly provided the high-level, professional creativity that has made each and every one of our projects rise above the rest.  We've worked together on scores of all types of videos. Each one was excellent; each one received fantastic accolades from clients. 


Evan is a tremendous resource to any video production, and to people like me who are charged with developing and improving communications efforts within the constraints of time and budget. 


And, further, he's always a pleasure to work with --  a true creative collaborator.  

Bill Cusick

Senior Video Director, Stony Brook University

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